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JBL installed all new windows in our historic home to perfection. He navigated the City and Historic district requirements with expertise. He and his teams are knowledgeable, professional, ethical, and pleasant. They quickly come back if you have a question or issue. There is a reason this locally owned company is in high demand - quality counts!

Teresa Wood

"We have retained JBL for our last three major home renovations, including a mixed use home office over 70 years old. My wife and I have bought, sold and renovated numerous properties and have previously utilized other contractors. JB and his team are the absolute best we have ever worked with and we will only work with them going forward! JBL goes above and beyond. They give great advice, keep the site clean, finish on budget and 100% stand behind their work after completion. Don't waste your time going elsewhere."

Richard Larsen

"I had a great experience with JBL and there entire crew. . Residential construction projects for most of us are tough financially and more importantly emotionally. JB is very good at explaining every facet of the construction process as well as being a good listener JB does a good job of spending time with his clients prior to signing a contract listening to there ideas and developing a plan all parties are comfortable with."

Michael Grimes

"We worked with the entire team 10 years ago on a major renovation. We chose them again 2 years ago to do an addition to our home. John Behrens is honest, hardworking and follows through."

Tom McKenzie Jr.

"An extensive whole house renovation involving every system. Moved walls with multiple beams to open up spaces. Replaced everything but the exterior brick. Very organized. The cleanest job site I have ever seen. You could have a picnic on the bare subfloors at the end of every day. Subs showed up (sometimes 4 or 5 different trades at one time!) and worked without conflict. Every surface and material interface is perfect, square and smooth. Not cheap but the billing is very transparent. The work is excellent. Nice guy too!"

Alfred Harding

"HONEST and understanding. JB goes above and beyond what is expected. My husband and I put a contract on a home that "needed some work". The realtors had several bids from various contractors to show us how much these repairs could cost. We had JB come and take a look, and give us an estimate (for hours)... NO CHARGE. He could not believe the estimates from the other contractors. The roof did not need to be patched (in like 6 places according to the other bids), but completely ripped off and re-done. It was put on improperly causing all the leaks and damage to begin with. And the mold.... yes, MOLD! That was just another nightmare! He said he would be happy to repair it, but to be done correctly, it would cost more than the house. Basically, "run!" And, we did. Thankfully."

Amber Redden

"If you want the best, look no further.
This is the smoothest, most capable assemblage of painters, engineers, craftsmen and artisans working with superior skills and enthusiasm ever to work in my home.
Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, courteous, and consistently respectful."

Susan Berg

"Very organized!!!! Many days there were multiple specialties working at the same time. Job mostly finished in 8 months. JB gets it right and requires very little oversight except to make choices among the various finish options. We expanded the scope considerably in part because the work was so good and painless. The main subs were superb. A couple of minor subs didn't do what was asked of them and JB replaced them without slowing down the job. We got exactly what we wanted and no excuses. Keeps tabs on the finances and gives regular reports with his invoices. Not cheap but top quality work. Spectacular tile and finish work."

Customer Review

"JBL's crew is comprised of professional, reliable, competent personnel. With every visit to my home (and they were there every day for 3 weeks during the bathroom remodel) the crew always arrived on time, knew exactly what they were to do, displayed exemplary skills in their craft and always cleaned up before leaving for the day. In the past I have used handy man type workers that, in retrospect were far less qualified than JBL. My go-to for jobs is now JBL Corporation. How true it is that "you get what you pay for!"

Customer Review

"JBL did a fantastic job on a complete renovation of an historic home. Cost conscious and does not cut corners on his work. Very clean worksite. Would recommend without reservation."

Kevin Wu

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